A whole year of being frightened,

unable to travel, and bored at home,
​Even December, which should be full of festive atmosphere,

is trapped at home. Is 2020 hard enough?
Maybe you are already worrying about what to eat on the holiday...


Come on!
Let "Amazing Basil" design the meal for everyone
Christmas Eve / New Year's Eve, delicious on the table!

Now Daniel will introduce you
Amazing Basil chef selected 18 Southeast Asian delicacies
"December Special Set" stimulates your taste buds one by one...
There are also mini game prizes
(details are attached to the box on the day of the delivery)

* The above tray is not included,
each item will be individually packaged.

December Special Set $138​

Choose one of the following three soups:
Signature Laksa Soup (Spicy/Peanuts) or
Tomato Crab Meat Soup or
Thai Tom Yum Soup (Spicy)

Singapore Spicy Crab Meat Toast
‧ Homemade Sauce with Salad

‧ Dad's Secret Kimchi

‧ Skewered Satay Premium Beef Rib
‧ Gilled Honey Pork Neck
‧ Signature Jumbo Squid
‧ Basil Lime Wings
‧ Secret Baked BBQ Pork Ribs
‧ Salty Egg Yolk Tiger Prawns
‧ Black Pepper Garlic Tiger Prawns
‧ Thai Basil Pork Rice with Sunnyside Egg
‧ Babies Favorite Garlic Noodles
‧ Vegetable Tofu Small Platter
‧ ​Thai Banana Pancake or Chef Special​​
‧ Thai two-color kaya with buns

Organic Heavy Oolong Milk Tea (Bottle)
​Passion Fruit Organic Jasmine Jade (Bottle)

Limited Quantity, Buy Now !


Soup (Pick 1): Laksa (Contain Peanuts) /

Tomoat Crab / Tom Yum


Singapore Spicy Crab Meat Toast


Homemade Sauce with Salad


Skewered Satay Premium Beef Rib 

(Contain Peanuts)

Basil lime.jpg

Basil Lime Wings


Salty Egg Yolk Tiger Prawns


Thai Basil Pork Rice with Sunnyside Egg


Vegetable Tofu Small Platter


Thai two-color kaya with buns


Dad's Secret Kimchi


Signature Jumbo Squid

baby back ribs.jpg

Secret Baked BBQ Pork Ribs


Black Pepper Garlic Tiger Prawns


Babies Favorite Garlic Noodles


Thai Banana Pancake or Chef Special


- Organic Heavy Oolong Fresh Milk Tea

- Passion Fruit Organic Jasmine Tea

Amazing Basil x Crystalmama

Organic Heavy Oolong - Holiday Gift Set

$15 per Set (Special deal)

Crystalmama soaps in collaboration with Amazing Basil presents the Oolong Tea Holiday Gift Set. Set includes Oolong Tea Milk Soap Bar, Oolong Milk Moisturizing Lotion, and Sweet Orange Tea Tree Sanitizing Spray. Bringing the holidays to you with cozy scents of warm tea, and refreshing citrus. 

Our Oolong Tea Milk Soap Bar is entirely handmade with organic extra virgin olive oil, organic milk, and infused with Organic Oolong tea leaves from Amazing Basil. This bar gently cleans the skin as well as hydrates, suitable for sensitive skin.


Handmade Oolong Milk Moisturizing Lotion is crafted with organic avocado oil, sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, organic milk, and  infused with organic oolong tea leaves from Amazingbasil. Enjoy the relaxing aroma of oolong tea as you moisturize to start the day or on-the-go

Sweet Orange Sanitizing Spray comes in a travel-sized bottle to keep close at hand. Contains multiple natural antibacterial agents like sweet orange, tea tree, and may chang. Safe to use among children and smells like a summer garden. 


Perhaps we can’t guarantee our items are the most delicious, but at least we can make sure the food processing process is clean & safe!

AB Staffs.jpg