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Amazing Basil & A Cup Of

1st Year Anniversary

Here we're!
Welcome In

Thanks for celebrate Amazing Basil 1st  Year Anniversary with us during this difficult moment for everyone.  


I'm Daniel. Not good in English ^n^.

Founder of  Amazing Basil

& business coach.

You might want to know what I worked before open this restaurant.

I were.....

Youth Center Counselor,

Pizza Delivery Man,

Restaurant POS Technician,

Online Marketer and more...

Why Amazing Basil?

Because of simple reason:


* I can't believe we have been working together at least 5 years.

Becky, Mei, James, CK, Jacky and Jack (like my sisters and brothers). I'm very thankful that I can work together with them. They're all Amazing. I called them Amazing Team ^u^.

Why Amazing?

  • We have never been a chef

  • We have never been a tea bar tender

  • We have never been a cashier & waiter

What we have is a passion of life and work. We hope we can impress customers with food, regain the enthusiasm for life and rekindle the hope for the future. Just like us "We can be what we want to be, just believe......"

What we sell is not just a product, but also a belief, a dedication, and a hope. Let us discover more possibilities and achieve our dreams!

Today, I'm going to tell you a story..... a fact.........

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Again, thanks for your support !


We have something special for you ^u^

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Between 4/1 - 4/15

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